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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Night of the giant everything!
By R.L Stine
This episode of the very well written Goosebumps books is one you probably won’t forget. Steven is completely obsessed with magic. And he thinks that he’s the best at it. But eventually he gets a little carried away. When he’s practicing for the talent show with his friends Ava and Courtney he gets three eggs and is juggling them. But then with one slip of his hand they all go tumbling down on Ava. So like any normal person Ava and Courtney decide that they would mix up possibly poisonous mixes from science class… because… logic? But really is that ever a good idea? He could have died! But anyway Steven is doing his last act... Which just so happens to be drinking water while juggling. He starts juggling and Ava puts the cup against his lips and he starts gulping. A bitter taste fills his mouth. He starts choking and yells out he’s been poisoned. And Courtney and Ava run over to him and start… laughing? Seriously it says and I kid you not: I saw Courtney and Ava coming over to me. They were laughing and slapping each other high fives. So Steven runs home and his mum and dad aren’t home. So he thinks that brushing his teeth will help the taste to get out of his mouth. But he realizes that he has to stand on his tiptoes to reach the sink. And then he starts shrinking into his shoes.
But I can’t spoil the whole thing! So I defiantly recommend reading this book.
This Book is very interesting and shows how carless people can be and that actions have consequences.
So overall I give this book a 7/10
But don’t take my word for it go and enjoy it yourself!


  1. Hey Ardan, another great blog post son! The only thing I think you might need to do is break your writing into paragraphs to introduce breaks between ideas? You've got a great writing style that is really enjoyable to read. Well done mate! Can't wait to read more! Dad.

  2. You made a good summary of the plot Ardan. The quote you've written directly from the book needs to be in speech marks. I can see now why its called the "Night of the Giant Everything."