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Thursday, 23 July 2015

What makes Ardan Ardan


Wishes to do something big with his life.
Dreams of being a creator of cartoons.
Wants to be a creative genius.
Wonders about what it's like to be famous.
Fears the idea of death.
Afraid of being stuck in a tight space.
Likes video games.
Believes that what goes around comes around.
Loves his family.
Plans to be a storyboarder and eventually create his own show.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pontius Pilate was the Roman Leader in Jerusalem and he is the man who decided Jesus’ fate. He had everyone screaming at him telling him to crucify Jesus and he gave into peer pressure. His wife had a dream and woke up and told him not to kill Jesus.

He had given into peer pressure and is a great example of it. We can learn that not only it’s bad to give into peer pressure but sometimes it may seem like there is no other way. We can all learn from this and know that giving into peer pressure can lead to horrible consequences.

In the end Pontius pilate isn’t necessarily a bad person but it all came up to him and he ended up giving in. And it was technically Gods plan all along. So in the end he isn't really a good man but he isn’t bad either.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

All about me!
#Communication-I can contribute to groups and keep talking
#Ideas-I can think up ideas reasonably quickly

#Staying on task- If someone talks to me while i'm doing work I will start talking to them and won't be aware that i'm getting off task
#Sport-I'm not a very sporty person

#Math- I would like to get better at my math so that high school won't be too hard for me
#writing skills- I love writing stories and I want to be able to write at level 4 without trying

How do I learn best:
#Being able to communicate with who i'm learning from (ask questions or clarify something)
#In a semicircle around who is teaching

What am I most looking forward to this year:
#Learning how to be a leader
#Having  the role of special character leader

  What do I want to do when im older:
#I want to be a director of movies-i'm always thinking up ideas.

#thinking up ideas
#making art on gimp(computer program)
#watching youtube

#Speech and drama award
#Becoming special character leader

That was all about me!!!!

you are not safe
Earth… 4581… It would be a happy place if it was full of any humanity at all. There are as many amounts of people safe in their homes as a sprinkle of salt into an already tasty soup.
There is evil in everyone. even you. And when the world breaks out in war... Who’s there to stop it from getting out? Who’s going to stop you from committing murders so that you can keep your field of view clean of anyone who will slow you down.
But even if you are safe in a bunker or have enough water or can scavenge food from others who need it. even if you're lucky enough to avoid one of the many diseases that kill thousands.even if killing is a minor thing that you don't need to get over because you're over it before you commit it.
you are not safe.