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Sunday, 22 February 2015

All about me!
#Communication-I can contribute to groups and keep talking
#Ideas-I can think up ideas reasonably quickly

#Staying on task- If someone talks to me while i'm doing work I will start talking to them and won't be aware that i'm getting off task
#Sport-I'm not a very sporty person

#Math- I would like to get better at my math so that high school won't be too hard for me
#writing skills- I love writing stories and I want to be able to write at level 4 without trying

How do I learn best:
#Being able to communicate with who i'm learning from (ask questions or clarify something)
#In a semicircle around who is teaching

What am I most looking forward to this year:
#Learning how to be a leader
#Having  the role of special character leader

  What do I want to do when im older:
#I want to be a director of movies-i'm always thinking up ideas.

#thinking up ideas
#making art on gimp(computer program)
#watching youtube

#Speech and drama award
#Becoming special character leader

That was all about me!!!!


  1. Good job Ardan,
    even if I did not already know you I would be able to picture your characteristics and personality very descriptive report,
    Great job!!!

  2. Yes Ardan. I agree with Joel. This is a clear description of you. You are certainly doing a great job as special character leader with Laura. I was interested to learn that you want to be a movie director. Stay focussed on your goal and you will achieve it one day.

  3. Well done Ardan I think I'm learning lots more about you. You are a true year 8 leader